Big Chibi-Robo
First Wave of Chibi-Robo
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 4"
Weight Unknown

This page will be talking about the series of Chibi-Robo toys, to read about the series, go here: Chibi-Robo (Series)

Chibi-Robos are tiny robots designed to make people happy. Citrusoft, the company that make and distribute chibi-robos, include a Chibi-House with each Chibi-Robo. Chibi-Robos are the successors to Giga-Robos, which were far to expensive for families to maintain. Chibi-Robos and following models of Chibi-Robos run on Watts, which they can get from plugging into an Outlet. There are 4 separate Chibi-Robos that starred in their own games with a different version of telly each time.

First Wave of Chibi-RoboEdit

These models of Chibi-Robo measure at 4 inches tall, and are designed for multiple purposes. The main purpose of a Chibi-Robos, is to clean around the house, taking care of household chores such as cleaning and throwing away garbage. Chibi-Robos also come with a small manager of sorts, named Telly Vision. These first wave Chibi-Robos can upgrade and purchase tools with Moolah they find around the house, they can upgrade to have the following gear:

  • Chibi-Blaster
  • Chibi-Radar
  • Extended Battery Life

The Sandersons & Chibi-RoboEdit

The Sandersons' Chibi-Robo was a birthday present to Jenny from her Dad. Its first objective was to get a gift for Jenny. Although Chibi-Robo made "enny and Mr. Sanderson happy, Mrs. Sanderson was very angry at her husband, since he was in between jobs, they couldn't afford much, much less a Chibi-Robo. During it's first night, Chibi-Robo met the toys, who through a wish Giga-Robo made, all come to life at night. Most of the side quests involve the toys problems and activities.Chibi-Robo did his original job so well, that he stopped Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson from getting a divorce, revived Giga-Robo with an infinite Battery life,and also saved the entire family from the Spydorz and Queen Spydorz with only a Mug and an enhanced Chibi-Blaster.

Second Wave of Chibi-RoboEdit

These models of Chibi-Robo were not only designed to spread happiness, but to save the planet. These appropriately named "Blooming Chibi-Robo" were designed to plant more flowers in a world where flowers are disappearing. 


Blooming Chibi-Robo

Chibi-Robo AppearancesEdit

Chibi-Robo! Plug into Adventure!Edit

Chibi-Robos debut game.

Chibi-Robo! Park PatrolEdit

Chibi-Robos save the world by repopulating flowers.

Chibi-Robo! Clean SleepEdit

Sequel to Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol, only had a japan release

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

Chibi-Robo appears as a trophy and a sticker.

Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder Edit

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash Edit